Ultimate Wealth Planner
Ultimate Wealth Planner
Ultimate Wealth Planner
Ultimate Wealth Planner
Ultimate Wealth Planner
Ultimate Wealth Planner
Ultimate Wealth Planner
Ultimate Wealth Planner
Ultimate Wealth Planner
Ultimate Wealth Planner
Ultimate Wealth Planner
Ultimate Wealth Planner
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Ultimate Wealth Planner

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I personally use this Wealth Planner for my finances.

This is the budget template for google sheets I recommend the MOST. The Ultimate Wealth Planner is a one stop shop to keep all your finances in one place. Breakout your expenses into the 6 most needed categories.

I have another version of this Ultimate Wealth Planner that breaks out your budget categories into needs vs. wants rather than these 6 major categories. Check out that Ultimate Wealth Planner here.

-1 Ultimate Wealth Planner template for google sheets! 10 tabs.

  • Tab 1: How to Use
  • Tab 2: Net Worth Tracker
  • Tab 3: Budget
  • Tab 4: Income Tracker
  • Tab 5: Savings Tracker
  • Tab 6: Expense Tracker
  • Tab 7: Expense Breakout
  • Tab 8: Monthly Dashboard
  • Tab 9: Yearly Dashboard
  • Tab 10: Year at a Glance

If you only want one spreadsheet, the Ultimate Wealth Planner is for you! Keep your net worth, budget and expense tracker all in one place. 

This spreadsheet is easy to use and very customizable for your needs. Whether you have a fixed salary, multiple sources of income, are a contractor or most of your salary is bonuses or commissions, this spreadsheet works for you!

Room to add as many budget categories as you like. You get to customize and make this spreadsheet your own. Additionally, add as many paychecks as you want from multiple sources of income!

See and track your income, saving and expenses easily and visually by using the monthly and yearly dashboard! Compare your expectation to your actual expenses all in one place.

Learn to budget and track your net worth EASILY!  To read more about how to create your own budget, read this or to learn how to calculate your net worth, read this.

Additionally, for a list of budget categories you may be forgetting to include, read this.



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